The Leaders Fitness

The Leaders Fitness Philosophy
I believe a leaders leads best when they have a plan for health and fitness in their life. I believe each person's journey/body and health history are different but the need to function at their highest level is the same.

Harvard Business Review has recently said that “looking healthy matters more than looking smart”. In this competitive time when building influence/followership is key every dimension of leadership is necessary. In fact if you are going to lead for the long haul it is no longer a question of “where can I fit it in, but what is the plan to get started”!

Tim is an ACE certified personal trainer with several years of training and helping people operate at peak performance.

The Leaders Fitness Package

The leaders fitness will be a combination of six weeks of individualized one on one fitness coaching twice a week and coaching through John Maxwell’s premier leader development module. DEVELOPING THE LEADER WITHIN YOU 2.0. This whole package is $999.

One on one fitness

1/2 hour sessions: $30
45 minutes: $37.50
1 hour session: $45.00

Lunch time hitt and core class

$115 for the month
$15 for a drop in (no month contract)
Classes are at 12 o’clock Monday through Thursday

Enquire for package discounts and deals.

Group a fitness package with a leadership or personal growth module and receive a discount.
Twenty-five years ago, John Maxwell turned the business world on its head with this simple statement in his book, that leaders are not born, they’re made. Now, he’s revised that groundbreaking book to produce Developing the Leader Within You 2.0.

Current culture tells us leaders are born, but John will explain through 10 critical components of authentic, personal leadership how leaders are made.

John has transformed 89 percent of the lessons in this book and reinforced the time-tested truths you’ll encounter in each chapter.