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You have unlimited leadership potential, but before you effectively lead others YOU have to LEAD YOU! Begin the journey, take the limits off, and reach your leadership potential. To get started take action and schedule your session today.

The services that Tim offers are truly life changing!  Although we're just getting started, I'm looking forward to the next step in my leadership journey!  Your ability to add value to others starts with adding value to yourself!  Don't wait, be intentional and do it TODAY!!!

- Team McIntosh

I highly recommend You Lead Unlimited to help strengthen  your leadership capabilities.

- Sam Spatafore

Tim Polis is a superb coach. He was very helpful in helping me to set intentional  goals for a healthy lifestyle change. He is very knowledgeable of his  field. He is so encouraging and supportive. I highly recommend his services.

- Cheryl Harris

I first went to Tim to have him help me learn how to delegate without getting anxiety when I wasn’t in the business. I wanted to work on my business not in it.  We revamped our mission and values and structured a coaches meeting that went so smooth. It created momentum in my staff that was missing. We are functioning more as a group instead of individuals.  Tim is very supportive and motivating and has a way to organize and structure your thoughts and plans and helped lead you in being a leader.

- Nomad Athletics

Tim came to the rescue when we were developing our new publishing team and needed to know ourselves better and how to work with one another and our authors better. I highly recommend Tim Polis and his DISC method. Works pretty well at home too. ;)

- The Cheerful Word

Timothy Polis with You Lead Unlimited has helped me tremendously with self awareness as I grow my business. This self awareness has lead me to communicate better with the many different types of wonderful people I work with everyday. He is helping me lead myself which in turn helps me lead All aspects of my business more efficiently and effectively.

- Tyson Griswold

Tim does an amazing job of engaging and challenging the leaders in attendance. His facilitator skills were top notch during “Leading Through Crisis”. I highly recommend and it was time well spent.

- Nancy Daley

When we decided to hire a coach to help elevate our team we knew Tim was the right choice. He did not disappoint us! Tim is very professional and was a huge asset to our team of 4 people. We will definitely use Tim again in the future!

- Chris Scruggs

Tim's facilitation of "Leading Through Crisis" was organized and professional.  He was especially effective by involving all participants in discussion and the "Mind Master" process.  The four hour class would benefit all present and future leaders.

- Karl Peterson

Tim has a great way of conveying information and working with a group.

- Ben Kish

Great content and great connections with other Leaders!

- John Holt

We could not have asked for a better life and leadership coach. Tim has helped us reach new levels of potential and success that we didn’t believe were possible.

- FaithAnn Minigh


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The growth of any organization first begin with the leader. You Lead Unlimited offers many ways to help you grow as an individual that will in turn help your organization grow. Not sure where to start your personal growth plan? Contact You Lead Unlimited with the button below to begin your growth journey.

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2. I will help you strategize.
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